Noblesville Pallet Sales
1)  All Pallet Sales are Final and Sold As-Is (Product consists of Overstocks, Damage Boxes and Customer Returns in a variety of conditions)
2)  You must take each item from the pallet when picking up nothing can be left behind (the wood pallet can be left if you choose)
3)  Each Pallet is manifested and should be 99% accurate, we are not responsible for discrepancies.  However, our pallet manifests will be more accurate then any other liquidator.
4)  Customers cannot remove the Shrink Wrap from the pallets prior to purchasing
5)  Retail prices are not inflated, these are actual Retail Prices
Pallet 1
Selling for $425
Retails for $1596
Pallet 2 
Selling for $425
Retails for $2588
Pallet 3
Selling for $425
Retails for $3022